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Exposing Your Dogs Alter Ego
Dog training near me
About Me


Dog in Action

Hackles and Hide takes a personalized approach to training your dog by understanding the needs of both the dog and handler. We will create you a customized solution that will best serve your dog training goals. Our focus is to enforce positive only training that addresses behavioral issues such as fear, anxiety, leash pulling, barking, jumping and more.

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Our Services

Our Services

Mike Woodring


Meet The Trainer

Mike loves dogs and is seldom seen without one by his side. With the creation of Hackles and Hide, Mike has been fortunate to do what he loves and pass his knowledge and enthusiasm on to dogs and their owners.

    Being the owner of rescues sparked Mikes interest in animal psychology, which lead him to his education in Animal Behaviors, Animal Emotion, and Animal Cruelty Investigation. Understanding how a dog thinks and feels has helped him troubleshoot unwanted behaviors and create a stronger bond between dog and owner. This also leads to a better quality of life for the dog.

    Mike trains with STSK9 to further his education on a more advanced level. He offers both group and private, customized sessions for basic and advanced obedience, tricks training, scent detection, canine good citizen training, behavior modification, handler training, and proper  E-Collar training.

    In addition to maintaining a rigorous schedule of self education, you'll find Mike acting as the co coordinator for Bailing Out Benji, which is a non profit dedicated to ending puppy Mills. Mike also spends countless hours training his own dogs and teaching them cool new tricks! 


Dog Obedience
Dog obedience near me
Dog training
Dog Obedience
Dog training
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